1. Please come 10 minutes before and please understand that we may cut your treatment time if you come late,or Cancel your reservation if another guest comes.

2. Mobile phones are not allowed, except in the spa room and only for emergency and maximum 1 minute.

3. We will start your massage time when the therapist picks you up and please use washroom if necessary before treatment.

4. Please, if you have any skin problems (rashes,boils, etc), we are unable to accommodate you.
At the discretion of our therapist.

5. We are unable to accommodate treatment including flower bath during menstruation.

6. During pregnancy, only 1 hour massage and aroma essential oil is not recommended.
Accupresure pointmassage on sole of feet will be omitted.

7. Please understand that you can't change :
- masssage bed or spa room that we have decided.
- chosen aroma essential oil after we have mixed it.
- after we put nail polish.

8. Property damage will result in payment in recompense.