Body Massage of COOL spa & salon in bali


Last updated 2017-05-19

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1. Body Massage(60min)

FootWashing, back,legs,hands,"COOL Service"shoulder,neck & head massage.wipe off with warm towel
60min Rp 165.000
Extra "Short Foot massage"
10min +Rp30,000
Extra "Shower"
10min +Rp20,000
3. Body Massage(90min)
FootWashing, back,legs,stomach,upper chest,hands,"COOL Service"shoulder,neck & head massage.wipe off with warm towel 90min Rp 240.000
Extra "Short Foot massage" 10min +Rp30,000
Extra "Shower" 10min +Rp20,000

The above prices are inclusive of tax and service charge.
(Most stores charge an additional 10% GST and service charge on top of their prices, but COOL's prices are all inclusive!)



First remove your shoes and proceed to the foot washing area. Here, we have created an area based on the concept of waves washing your feet at the edge of the sea.At COOL we offer 5 minute foot-washing service to all customers receiving a foot massage or a body massage.




 At”Cool Spa & Salon”, we use a variety of massage techniques which include Balinese, Japanese Shiatsu and Lomi Lomi. 


Whichever course you choose, we also will provide COOL's very own service during your massage.
No1 With a hot towel around your neck and an ice-cold towel on your eyes, we will massage your arms, shoulders, neck and head.
No2 Prior to the end of your maassage, the therapist will wipe your body clean of oil with a hot, damp towel. (Reflexology shops on Bali wipe the oil off with a dry towel which leaves a greasy feeling.)